dead animals

Mushroom-Infused Burial Suit Helps the Body Naturally Decompose

For the human body, death is only the beginning. These meat sacks of ours are hothouses of chemicals, and not just the good kind. Pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals, and other…

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Diamond Tooth Taxidermy "Recycles" Dead Animals Into Creepy Wearables

Taxidermy meets haute couture with these creative designs by Beth Beverly. It may sound like a peculiar combination, but the Pennsylvania-based designer has been causing a stir with her…

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Extreme Upcycling? Couture Hats, Headpieces Made From Roadkill

Photos by David Anderson Maybe we’ve got roadkill on the brain, but here’s another fine example of creative taxidermy for wearing atop your noggin. Scotsman James…

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