deadstock textiles

Aarli: Upcycled Streetwear That Promotes Australia's Indigenous People

LOCAL COLOR Besides nurturing Aboriginal talent, Aarli also uses only indigenous models in its campaigns. By doing this, Cowlishaw says she hopes to not only preserve and promote the…

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Finalists of 2015 EcoChic Design Award Turn Upcycling Into an Art Form

Sara Kiani from the United Kingdom created this dress and pleated jacket from secondhand hotel linens. “I became deeply shocked at having followed the big environmental and social…

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Study 34: Ethical, Minimal-Waste Knitwear Made With Deadstock Yarns

Fighting “fast fashion” while making fashion-forward garments from recycled materials, England’s Study 34 is taking the fashion world by storm. Founded by Eleanor…

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Hana Mitsui Uses Japanese Weaving to Recreate Fabric From Waste

RAGS TO RICHES Japanese peasants employed sakiori from the mid-18th to 20th centuries at a time when resources were scarce and the cultivation of cotton difficult. Like the…

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PeSeta Turns a Beret Into a Record Player for Marc Jacobs Collaboration

Ian McKellan’s doppelgänger wearing a beret-turned-turntable? If any situation called for a record-scratch sound effect, it’s this. The comical tableau, part of a short…

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