"Sound Shirt" Helps Deaf People "Feel" Classical Music

The hearing-impaired and even the deaf can now experience music, in a new collaboration between the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg Orchestra in Germany and wearable tech company CuteCircuit.…

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Top 7 Wearable Technology Concepts of 2013 (Vote for the Coolest)

Hankering for more wearable innovations? Plug into our archives

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Sign-Language Ring Translates Hand Movements Into Spoken Words

A new bracelet and ring set could be the ticket to help those who are hearing impaired communicate better. Sign language is a great option for the hearing impaired to communicate.…

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Vibrating "Lorm" Glove Helps Deaf-Blind People Send Text Messages

For people who are both deaf and blind, the hurdles in communicating with others can often lead to crippling social isolation. A new “smart” glove by Germany’s Design…

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