Organic Denim

Naked & Famous Launches Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free Selvedge Jeans

“Gluten-free denim?” we hear you scoff. “What a ridiculous notion!” Turns out, the label is a bit of a humbug—jeans aren’t made from wheat, after all.…

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Patagonia Wants to Transform "Filthy Business" of Denim

Denim’s a dirty business, and Patagonia is fixing to take it to the cleaners with a new collection of sustainable jeans. Composed of 100 percent organic cotton, the relaunched…

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Safety-Pin Couture, Stripping for Climate Change, Ecouterre Celebrates Launch

Photo by Brook&Lyn Safety pins aren’t just for preventing wardrobe malfunctions anymore. Check out these inventive ways to add some instant shine to your wardrobe on the…

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