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Lechal's Vibrating Smart Shoes Help the Blind Find Their Way

Lechal Footwear provides haptic feedback under your heel to point you in the right direction and could just be the ticket for the visually impaired to navigate on their own. Connected…

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IDEO's "Pill Necklace" Makes It Easier to Keep Track of Meds

For those who have a pile of pills to take every day, it can get overwhelming to remember it all. The Pill Necklace, designed by Stina Jonsson and Ross Lockwood at IDEO for their annual…

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Wear: A Directional Microphone Necklace That Improves Hearing

Wear is a new directional microphone necklace designed for those with hearing loss as a way to improve the quality of conversations. The wearable device is part fashion accessory as…

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