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U.S. Army Testing Body Armor Made With Genetically Engineered Silk

Photo by Sony Pictures “Dragon Silk,” a form of spider silk spun by genetically engineered silkworms, may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but it could hold a very…

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Norway's Armed Forces Get Organic-Cotton Undies

Norway’s soldiers are getting some brand new undies—and they’re eco-friendly, to boot. The Norwegian Armed Forces has placed a massive order of some 50,000 organic-cotton…

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Fish Scales Inspire Flexible, Bulletproof Armor for Soldiers, Astronauts

Photo by Shutterstock Bulletproof materials are often rigid and bulky – think how stuffy bulletproof vests must be, but a new material inspired by the fluidity and toughness of…

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U.S. Navy Could Soon Use Sound Waves to "Weld" Its Uniforms

Photo by Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock The U.S. Navy could soon be welding more than ships. The Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility, together with Rhode Island-based firm Propel,…

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$3M Robotic "Trousers" Could Give You Superhuman Strength

Exoskeleton suits currently under development promise mobility for parapalegics, but are bulky, heavy, and overkill for those who just need a little extra help. Harvard has developed a…

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This "Jetpack" Could Help You Run a Mile in 4 Minutes

The world record for running the mile is 3:43:13, but most people can’t even come close to running a mile under four minutes. DARPA, the US Military’s research arm, hopes to…

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