Diana Eng

Diana Eng Turns Forgotten Deadstock Beads Into Gorgeous Glass Jewelry

X MARKS THE SPOT Forgotten inventory isn’t uncommon in the Garment District, Eng tells Ecouterre. “When I first started working in the Garment District in 2005, a lot of…

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10 Eco-Fashion Garments Inspired by Nature and Biomimicry

Anything you can do, Ma Nature can do better. That’s not to say you can’t crib from the best, of course: adapting biological principles to solve design problems is as old…

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Diana Eng's Ladybug Pins Raise Awareness About Insect Biodiversity

FLY AWAY HOME Many cultures consider the sight of a ladybug lucky. (The Turkish name for the insect is uğur böceği, which translates literally to “good luck bug.”) You…

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Thermochromic “Jack Frost” Scarf Reveals Snowflakes as Mercury Drops

No matter how frightful the weather outside gets, Diana Eng’s “Jack Frost” scarf will delight with snowflakes that magically appear as soon as temperatures drop. A…

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Diana Eng's Recycled Fortune-Cookie Purse Reveals Leather Origin

Diana Eng’s Fortune Cookie coin purse combines several eco-fashion design practices into a small, well-crafted pouch. The Project Runway alum makes her purses from reclaimed…

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High-Tech Luxe, Cotton Prices Increase, Vogue's Vague Eco-Fashion

Photo by Diana Eng The latest covetable fashion item happens to be wired with LEDs, biosensors, and piezoelectric circuits. (Forbes) Initiate a random act of kindness, get a 20 percent…

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