Actor Joaquin Phoenix Speaks Out Against Dog Leather in PETA Video

Photo by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock Joaquin Phoenix has a bone to pick with the Chinese dog-leather industry. The actor-activist, who appears in People for the Ethical Treatment of…

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Upcycled Gear for the Dog on the Go

We can’t decide what’s more impressive: the ingenuity of the designers behind this MacGyvered “doggie pack,” or the fact that they came up with a prototype in…

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Fur-Trapping Season Ends With Record High of Non-Target Animal Deaths

One man’s pet is another’s collateral damage, according to Born Free U.S.A, which announced on Wednesday a possible record high of non-target animal deaths as fur-trapping…

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Chiengora: Is Knitting With Dog Hair Doggone Good or Barking Mad?

CHIENGORA \chē-ˈen-ˈgȯr-ə\ n. 1 a: A portmanteau of “chien” (French for dog) and “angora.” b: A soft, spun yarn—said to be up to 80 percent warmer than…

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Messenger Dog: A Canine-Equipped Messaging System for Disaster Relief

From search-and-rescue K9 units to keg-toting St. Bernards, man’s best friend tackles crises with the same selfless devotion usually reserved for canonized saints and fictional…

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