Dolce & Gabbana

Your Knock-Off Designer Perfume Could Contain Antifreeze, Urine

Photo by Jessica Walker/Unsplash Buyer beware: Unscrupulous businesses are passing off urine, antifreeze, and other “unpleasant, flammable, or dangerous chemicals that burn when…

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Adidas Now a "Detox Leader," Nike Still a "Greenwasher"

Looks like Adidas has finally cleaned up its act. A year and a half after Greenpeace branded it a “Detox greenwasher,” the sportswear giant is now “back on…

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Greenpeace Demands Toxic-Free Luxury at Fall 2014 Milan Fashion Week

LUXURY DETOX Versace received a special call-out this morning when Greenpeace volunteers opened a second banner emblazoned with the message “Versace Detox now!” Greenpeace…

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Valentino Tops Greenpeace's Luxury "Fashion Duel" Ranking

Greenpeace has thrown down the gauntlet. In November, the environmental nonprofit presented 15 Italian and French fashion houses, including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and…

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That Stinks: Dolce & Gabbana Launches Fragrance for Babies

Dolce & Gabbana makes the stuff fashion dreams are made of: the sexy, trashy-chic attire of wanton peasant maidens, curvy cinematic goddesses, playfully tough Sicilian street…

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