Iggy Pop and H&M Want You to Recycle Your Clothes

Iggy Pop wants you to recycle your clothes. The American singer-songwriter has teamed up with H&M to highlight the retailer’s garment-collecting initiative. In a video…

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Olivia Wilde, A.K.A. "Princess Layers," Wants You to Recycle Your Clothes

You don’t have to leap over tall buildings in a single bound to be a superhero. Actress Olivia Wilde, in her crime-fighting guise of Princess Layers, has teamed up with H&M…

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Twi Vamp Vants Your Pants, NYPD Trashes Counterfeit Clothes, Skincare You Wear

The “I’m a Mac” dude and that chick from Twilight want your pants—well, your jeans, if you want to get technical. The actors are raising the flag for Aéropostale…

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