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"Netflix of Fashion" Wants You to "Stream" Your Everyday Clothes

Photo by Milada Vigerova/Unsplash Of all the clothes you own, how many end up gathering dust in your closet? If you’re anything like the average woman, it’s probably about…

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StyleLend is the Airbnb of Women's Closets

Just call StyleLend the “Airbnb of dresses.” Founded by model-turned-entrepreneur Lona Alia Duncan, the peer-to-peer marketplace enables women to access the “infinite…

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Béyonce Puts a Ring on Collaborative Consumption at Rent the Runway

BOW DOWN Rent the Runway wants to make borrowing designer duds as easy as grabbing a movie from Netflix, and it shows. Simply choose the item you want, decide between a four- or…

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Borrow Designer Dresses for Less at Rent the Runway

Why buy when you can borrow? The latest in the “It’s like Netflix for fill-in-the-blank” playbook, Rent the Runway is doing for designer dresses what Bag, Borrow, or…

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