Nike Fetes Garments Dyed Using Waterless "ColorDry" Technology

Nike’s “ColorDry” technology is ready for its closeup. The waterless fabric-dyeing innovation, a collaboration between the sportswear giant and the Netherlands’s…

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Adidas by Stella McCartney Debuts Water-Saving "DryDye" T-Shirt

Stella McCartney is dipping her hands into waterless dyeing. The British designer, who has a longstanding partnership with Adidas, has created a new T-shirt as part of sportswear…

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Adidas Launches Water-Saving "DryDye" Range of T-Shirts

NOT A DROP TO DRINK Besides saving water, DryDye also uses 50 percent less energy and 50 percent fewer chemicals, according to DyeCoo, the Netherlands-based company that built the first…

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7 Water-Saving Innovations Employed by the Garment Industry

AIRDYE Simply put, AirDye technology adds color to textiles sans the wet stuff. The patented process system adds PVC-free inks to a paper carrier, then heat-transfers the dyes from the…

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Nike Partners With DyeCoo to Broaden Waterless Dyeing Technology

Nike is linking arms with DyeCoo Textile Systems, the Netherlands-based company that built the first commercial waterless textile-dyeing machine, an announcement notes on Tuesday. The…

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New Fabric-Dyeing Technique Uses Fluid-State CO2, Not Water

Photos by Amber Isabel A Dutch company has unveiled what it believes to be the first commercial dyeing machine to replace water with supercritical carbon dioxide—a pressurized form of…

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