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KAIGHT's Kate McGregor: We Need to Talk Honestly About Fashion

Photo from AWEAR “I would really like there to be more honest discussions about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. I don’t know how and where that will ever…

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This Fashion Library Lets You Check Out Clothing—Literally

LENA, the Amsterdam-based Fashion Library, was born out of a concern for excessive clothing consumption. LENA co-founder Suzanne Smulders notes that 240 million kilos of clothes are…

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BeGood Wants to be the World's First Zero-Waste Clothing Retailer

With the “lofty ambitions” of becoming an entirely waste-free retailer, BeGood certainly have their work cut out for them. But they are managing to tackle to issue of waste in the…

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Atelier Akeef: Berlin's First Menswear Store Devoted to Sustainable Luxury

Michael Ashley and Alan Sommerville ran the Akeef store in Kreuzberg, before relaunching with a strong sustainable fashion concept in what was Davide Grazioli’s Atelier in…

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Seawall: An Eco-Fashion Label, Boutique That Promotes "Made in Maine"

Using fabrics from small mills in Japan, Seawall produces fine button-down shirts in an ethically-conscious way. From the same team behind lingerie line Brook There, the designs were…

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Jeffrey Campbell Designs Exclusive Vegan Shoe Line for Convert Store

GREEN CONVERSION “Sustainable footwear is hard to come by and comes at a price,” Brewer tells Ecouterre. “The footwear industry is particularly tough on the…

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