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U.K. University Launches First Sustainability-Focused Fashion Degree

Buckinghamshire New University has developed the United Kingdom’s first undergraduate fashion degree with an “eye on sustainability and ethics.” Now accepting…

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New Academic Fashion Prize to Reward Supply-Chain Transparency

Designer Bruno Pieters and fashion journalist Kristopher Arden-Houser have teamed up to create the “From1000 Transparency Prize”. The award is inspired by Piter’s…

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U.K. Students Activists Strip Naked to Protest Sweatshop Clothing

Students across the UK are taking it all off- in support of workers’ rights. In a protest against unfair conditions in sweatshops, British students are banding together, and making a…

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Nike, Hurley, Otis College's "Considered" Art Show Celebrates Next Generation of Sustainable Design

FASHION, CONSIDERED Fashion must be reconsidered if it’s to move away from disposable, unsustainable trends, according to Brantley. “Consumers of the future will choose…

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India’s Punjab Government Urges Schools to Ban Leather Shoes

Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose The Punjab government in India is urging schools to ban their students from wearing leather shoes. After receiving a letter from People for the Ethical…

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