eco-friendly burials

Mushroom-Infused Burial Suit Helps the Body Naturally Decompose

For the human body, death is only the beginning. These meat sacks of ours are hothouses of chemicals, and not just the good kind. Pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals, and other…

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Donated Wedding Dresses Become "Angel Gowns" for Deceased Babies

A group of women are transforming treasured wedding gowns into beautiful “angel dresses”- made for babies who pass before making it home from the hospital. The heavenly idea was…

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Biodegradable "Garments for the Grave" Let You Enter the Afterlife in Style

DRESSING THE DEAD “The body is a gift,” Interlandi explains in the October 2013 issue Wired. “It’s a bag of nutrients and water and protein. When you place it…

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