eco-friendly hair accessories

All the Cool Kids Are Weaving Tapestries Into Their Hair

Photo by CrossxStitch Hair chalking, dyeing with rainbow colors or lightening ombre style has been all the rage for the last year, but what if you’re feeling a bit more splashy? Hair…

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Nina Khazani Recycles Human Hair Into Curiously Glamorous Accessories

HAIRY SITUATION Human hair isn’t the easiest material to work with. Then again, Khazani is an old hand at bending it to her will. She first started experimenting with shorn human…

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Would You Use a Comb Made from Human Hair?

Now here’s a thought that will get your mind into a tangle: Would you comb your hair with another person’s mane? That’s the question Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato…

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Lady Gaga Turns Recycled Soda Cans, Phones into Haute Hair Accessories

If Lady Gaga has a passion for trashion, she’s managed to keep it on the down-low…until now, that is. The flamboyant chanteuse has “leaked” stills from her mucho…

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