eco-friendly parkas

The North Face Makes Parka From Synthetic Spider Silk

Five times stronger than steel, three times tougher than nylon or Kevlar, yet a fraction of the width of human hair, spider silk is one of the planet’s most valuable, if tricky to…

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Denham Turns Vintage Linens, Navy Blankets Into Military-Inspired Parkas

MADE NEW Denham’s designers took their inspiration seriously. After locating two examples of the coat—one at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California and the other at an annual…

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Pollution-Sensing "Aegis" Parka Includes a Respirator to Help You Breathe

We’ve seen a carbon-monitoring LED dress, an air-purifying gown, T-shirts that register airborne pollutants, and even an armored “bubble” that keeps you coddled in a…

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14 Eco-Friendly Women's Trench Coats, Blazers, Parkas to Fall for

ALMOST PARADISE Feel like the rock star you are with a 100 percent cotton trench coat by EDUN, the ethical, pro-Africa fashion label founded by U2 frontman Bono and his wife, Ali…

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14 Eco-Friendly Men’s Trench Coats, Jackets, Parkas for Fall Rambles

PLAID TIDINGS Monitaly designer Yuki Matsuda gives the field jacket a playful makeover by cladding it in plaid. Raw-edge leather drawstrings, dual-angled flap pockets, pencil holsters,…

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