eco-friendly spectacles

Summer Rayne Oakes, MODO Launch Chic, Recycled Eyeglasses

CLEAR VISION Composed of recycled plastic and hypoallergenic stainless steel, each set of frames comes in a case derived from recycled soda bottles. No detail was too small to be…

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Buy a Pair of 141 Eyeglasses, Fund a Pair For a Child in Need

Think of 141 Eyewear as the TOMS Shoes of eyeglasses. (Even its name echoes the philanthropic shoemaker’s “one for one” slogan—perhaps intentionally so.) Much like…

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Yves Béhar’s DIY Spectacles Help Mexican Students See, Learn Better

We have a lingering suspicion that Yves Béhar is more wizard than designer. After conjuring up the much-heralded $100 child’s laptop in 2006, the Fuseproject founder whipped up a…

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Bamboo Spectacle Frames Inspired by Chinese Ming Dynasty Furniture

Like the Ming Dynasty furniture that inspired them, these eyeglass frames by Taiwan’s Yii Collection echo the clean, elegant lines of carved rosewood designs from that era. And…

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