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"This is Not a Sweatshirt" Sweatshirt Helps Victims of Sex Trafficking

It may look like a sweatshirt, feel like a sweatshirt, and wear like a sweatshirt, but Sudara’s “I Am Not a Sweatshirt” is so much more than a sweatshirt. Formerly…

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Can the "World's Best" Hoodie Revitalize American Manufacturing?

American Giant sells direct to consumer using an online-only model, which cuts out the middle person. How did the brand take off with little to no marketing? Our initial product, the…

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Daniel Silverstein's David Bowie Sweatshirt is a "Zero Waste" Oddity

Get your Rebel Rebel on with Daniel Silverstein’s “zero waste” David Bowie sweatshirt—a tribute to our favorite Space Oddity. Part of Silverstein’s…

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Tom Cridland's Organic Sweatshirt Will Last 30 Years—Guaranteed

MADE TO LAST Cridland, whose eponymous trousers, launched in 2014, have been spotted on celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig, wants to harken back to the days when…

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Vaute's "Chinese Zodiac" Tees Bring Out Your Inner Animal

Photos by Jessica-Joan Causing Vaute wants to bring out your inner animal. The vegan-friendly brand has teamed up with illustrator Mia Mandela to create a series of tees, tanks, and…

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