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TOMS's New Bag Collection Supports Safer Birth Experiences

BAGS THAT COUNT Part of the proceeds from the collection will go toward maternal and child health programs such as Ayzh and BRAC, which provide training for birth attendants, as well as…

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Ethnotek's Bags Combine Indigenous Textiles, Technical Functionality

Ethnotek are the design team behind these high quality bags that incorporate ethically sourced handmade textiles from across the planet. As they launch their new summer travel…

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Pansy Maiden Launches "Alva DoRight," a Line of Vegan Bags for Men

Pansy Maiden is getting in touch with its masculine side. The accessories label, which makes its vegan-friendly carryalls at its Medford, Ma., headquarters, has sprung an auxiliary…

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Marriott Hotel, Lily and Lionel Recycle Bed Linens Into Stylish Tote Bags

Even the most fastidious hotels can’t keep their bed linens immaculate forever (perish the thought!) The dirty truth? “If laid end-to-end, bed linens condemned by the…

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Thread & Loom's Fairly Hand-Loomed Bags Fund Girls' Education in India

Photos by Amanda Coen for Ecouterre Socially-driven accessories company, Thread & Loom introduces itself to the world with a line of handbags that make for the perfect spring and…

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Stella McCartney's Latest Bag is Made From the Wool of Her Own Sheep

No need to wonder about the provenance of the materials found in this tufted-wool tote. Stella McCartney obtained her fibers from a source close to home: the organically—a no doubt…

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