eco-friendly wetsuits

Water-Resistant "Mavari" Cape Doubles as Shelter, Backpack

Fashionable and functional, the new cloak by Mavari keeps mother nature out with its triple layer of fabric. The reversible cloak, now being crowdfunded with a Kickstarter campaign,…

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"Shark-Deterrent" Wetsuits Promise to Keep Surfers, Divers Safe

Want to live every day like it’s Shark Week? Scientists in Australia have created what they’re dubbing the world’s first shark-deterrent wetsuit. A collaboration…

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Patagonia Unveils World's First Renewable, Plant-Based Wetsuit

Did you ever think you’d be wearing plants while hanging ten? Outdoor adventurist brand Patagonia has been making strides with their experimentation with eco-friendly wetsuits.…

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