Toxic "Little Monsters" Lurk in Your Kids' Closets, Says Greenpeace

LITTLE MONSTERS “This is a nightmare for parents everywhere looking to buy clothes for their children that don’t contain hazardous chemicals,” says Chih An Lee, detox…

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FEED Projects, Gap Launch FEED U.S.A. Bags to Nourish America's Kids

FEED Projects is better known for feeding the world’s hungry children, but its latest endeavor casts a gimlet eye at a food system much closer to home. Meet FEED U.S.A., a new…

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Buy a Pair of 141 Eyeglasses, Fund a Pair For a Child in Need

Think of 141 Eyewear as the TOMS Shoes of eyeglasses. (Even its name echoes the philanthropic shoemaker’s “one for one” slogan—perhaps intentionally so.) Much like…

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