"Shark-Deterrent" Wetsuits Promise to Keep Surfers, Divers Safe

Want to live every day like it’s Shark Week? Scientists in Australia have created what they’re dubbing the world’s first shark-deterrent wetsuit. A collaboration…

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Baggu Teams Up With Pilgrim Surf + Supply to Create Surfboard Sling

Baggu wants you to catch the waves in style. The Brooklyn-based bag-maker has teamed up with its neighbors at Pilgrim Surf + Supply to create a fuss-free surfboard sling from…

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Finisterre's Eco-Friendly Waterproof Jackets Take Cue From Nature

Unlike most technical-apparel lines, U.K.-based Finisterre provides tough, fashion-forward, and comfortable clothing that treads lightly on the environment. Taking a page out of Mother…

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