edible jewelry

TourDeFork's 3D-Printed Rings Turn Food Into Fashion

With TourDeFork’s three-dimensionally printed rings, you can have your cake and wear it, too. Designed for the December 2014 issue of Italy’s… …

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IDEO's "Pill Necklace" Makes It Easier to Keep Track of Meds

For those who have a pile of pills to take every day, it can get overwhelming to remember it all. The Pill Necklace, designed by Stina Jonsson and Ross Lockwood at IDEO for their annual…

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Straight From the Vine, Jewelry Made From Fruit, Vegetable Parchment

FRESH DIRECT “I have always found delight in creating things,” Dorfman writes on her site. “I discovered at an early age that I did not need to go to stores to find…

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