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Rallier: NYC-Made Dresses That Support Education for Girls in Need

RALLY TOGETHER For every garment sold, Rallier will source up to three uniforms from regions plagued by poverty and gender inequality and donate them to local girls in need. Fay…

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Faircloth & Supply's Summer 2015 Line Offers Breezy Minimalism

FASHIONING HOPE Dahl has worked with General Welfare Pratisthan—or GWP, for short—since she founded Faircloth & Supply in 2013. The social-welfare nonprofit works at a…

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Faircloth & Supply's Timeless Clothing Benefits Education in Nepal

Why did Faircloth choose Nepal as the focus of its mission? It started with the cause: girls’ education. I have always been very passionate about women’s rights and the…

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Phoebe Dahl: Sex Traffickers "Tend Not to Target" Girls in Uniforms

“On my first trip to Nepal, I visited the schools and girls groups supported by GWP, General Welfare Pratisthan, which is a nonprofit working for social welfare in Nepal.…

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