Elvis & Kresse

Atelier Akeef: Berlin's First Menswear Store Devoted to Sustainable Luxury

Michael Ashley and Alan Sommerville ran the Akeef store in Kreuzberg, before relaunching with a strong sustainable fashion concept in what was Davide Grazioli’s Atelier in…

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Sustainable Fashion Triumphs at Cartier Women's Initiative Awards

Congratulations to Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh of Source4Style and Kresse Wesling of Elvis & Kresse for triumphing at the 2011 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards,…

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Elvis & Kresse Makes Cuff Links From Recycled Fire Hoses

Elvis & Kresse lit our fire in 2010 when it transformed decommissioned fire hoses into high-end totes, belts, and wallets. Now, the U.K. label is turning up the heat with a set of…

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Elvis & Kresse Makes Smokin' Hot Bags From Recycled Fire Hoses

Elvis & Kresse’s bags and accessories are so hot they might as well be on fire. Luckily, the U.K.-based company had the foresight to craft them from decommissioned fire hoses,…

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