Massive 3D Embroidery Brings to Life Iconic Game of Thrones" Battle

COME AT ME, CROW Framing the Night King in all his frosty, blue-eyed glory are the crests of the great houses of Westeros: a stark reminder—pun intended—that winter is indeed coming…

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The Craftivist Collective Wants to Change the World, One Stitch at a Time

For as long as she can remember, Sarah Corbett has been fighting for social justice. Growing up in an activist family, she experienced firsthand how energy-intensive, frustrating, and…

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Embroidery Stop-Motion Film Animates Passover Folk Song

In Chad Gadya, a breathtakingly surreal three-minute film based on the Passover folk song of the same name, Nina Paley and Theodore Gray illustrate the absurdity of our…

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Eliza Bennett Embroiders Her Flesh as a Statement on "Women's Work"

Textile manipulation, embroidery, and ornamental decoration have long been seen as residing within the realm of the private feminine. Backbreaking and dirty manual labor is…

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