Emily Deschanel

Actress Emily Deschanel Makes No "Bones" About Eco-Fashion

“I love Loyale! I wear their tops a lot, and they have great everyday pieces, which I just adore.
 Bahar Shahpar has beautiful skirts and dresses. Other labels I like are…

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Loyale, Gemma Redux Launch Eco-Luxe "Emily," "Natalie" Necklaces

Although we first brought you news about the top-secret collaboration between eco-fashion powerhouse Loyale and jeweler-to-the-stars Gemma Redux back in September, we were pinkie-sworn…

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Jenny Hwa, Founder and Designer of Loyale

Jenny Hwa’s reputation precedes her. The designer behind Loyale, Hwa is one of the original eco-fashion trailblazers, an accomplishment that has garnered her no small number of…

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