energy-generating clothing

Lightweight Wearable Tech Transforms Body Heat into Electricity

Imagine a future where working up a sweat not only does your body good, but it’ll also keep your favorite devices humming. That’s the goal of researchers at North Carolina…

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Knee Pad Uses Heat Generated From Exercise to Sooth Post-Workout Aches

Ming Chuan University has come up with a self-sustaining knee pad for exercise, that converts your hard work into soothing heat post-work out. A winner of the Red Dot Award, the Energy…

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Flexible Fiber-Optic Solar Cell Paves Way for Energy-Generating Fabrics

Photo by Shutterstock An international team of scientists have developed the world’s first fiber-optic solar cell. Thinner than the width of a human hair and scalable to many…

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Energy-Generating Knee Strap Could Spell the End of Batteries

Photo by Shutterstock Time for the energy industry to pull itself up by the knee straps: A group of scientists in the United Kingdom have developed a novel energy-harvesting device that…

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"Power Felt" Charges Your Cellphone With Body Heat (And It Costs $1!)

No need to stay tethered to an electrical outlet or worry about your cellphone running out of juice; charging your smart device could soon require no more than a quick jog on the spot,…

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NASA Space Suit Could Harness Astronaut's Energy to Power Electronics

For college student Olivia Lenz, people are “wasting” energy all the time just by swinging their arms or walking down the street. But what if we could capture that energy…

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