Antiform's Upcycled Fashions Are 100 Percent Handmade in the U.K.

TRUE TO FORM Its love of English heritage and craft aside, Antiform is dedicated to creating modern, versatile styles that rebel against banality and have no “sell-by date,”…

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"RiverBlue" is an Upcoming Film That Explores the Dark Side of Denim

What is the fashion industry—and we humans, by extension—doing to the planet? There’s been a lot of talk about “fast fashion” in blogs and in the popular press and its impact…

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Sir Plus: Quality Menswear Upcycled in England From "Cabbage"

CABBAGES AND KINGS Hales, who regularly dresses down to his knickers to promote his label, soon expanded his offerings to include formal and casual waistcoats, bow ties, fedoras,…

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Mystery "Yarn Bomber" Attaches 150-Ft Olympic-Themed Scarf to Pier

Photos by North News and Pictures A mysterious “yarn bomber” has struck Saltburn-by-the-Sea in North Yorkshire. Don’t panic, no incendiary devices were involved.…

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Ada Zanditon Creates Exclusive Eco-Jewelry Collection for ASOS

Ada Zanditon has developed a four-piece collection of jewelry exclusively for ASOS. Designed with input from Luca Romanyi, Zanditon’s frequent accessories collaborator, the…

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