MuKee Recycles Broken Skateboards Into Edgy Wooden Jewelry

Any skateboarder worth his deck goes through boards faster than bullets slice through butter. Rather than let them go to waste, Denver-based label MuKee transforms castoff boards into…

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Upcycled Flatware Jewelry by McFlashpants Really Shines

One of the secrets to making upcycled accessories really shine is to infuse them with special little quirks that make people smile. Designer Jen McGlashan does just that with…

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Prince Charles is Sheepish, Anatomy of a Shirt, Cottongate Redux

The heir to the British throne is championing the common ewe with a new campaign to boost the image and sale of wool. (WWD) Shirt-making is a serious business. The differences (weave,…

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Tara St. James' Upcycled Zipper Jewelry is Fasten-ating

For the average person, a zipper equals closure. And even though exposed fasteners are decidedly on-trend, they still serve a utilitarian function.  For Montreal-born, Brooklyn-based…

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Eco-Friendly Necklush is a Scarf, Cowl, Necklace in One

This winter, why buy a boring old muffler when you can rock an eco-accessory that is like Transformers for your neck? Handmade to order by two dudes in Brooklyn, the cozy Necklush is a…

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