Could These "Wearable Biospheres" Help Us Survive on Alien Planets?

Photos by Yoram Reshef If we’re ever going to make it in space exploration to distant planets like Jupiter let alone outside of our solar system, we’re going to need some…

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$3M Robotic "Trousers" Could Give You Superhuman Strength

Exoskeleton suits currently under development promise mobility for parapalegics, but are bulky, heavy, and overkill for those who just need a little extra help. Harvard has developed a…

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3D-Printed Exoskeleton Could Change the Future of Fixing Broken Bones

As it stands now when you break a bone, a technician wraps your limb in plaster – it’s cheap, moldable to your limb and hard to take off, which means you’re stuck in…

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NASA's "Iron Man" Robotic Suit Could Help Paraplegics Walk

For paraplegics looking to gain mobility, NASA’s X1 robotic exoskeleton could be a real-life superhero suit. Designed to help astronauts maintain muscle health in space, the…

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