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10 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Woolen Sweaters Looking Like New

SWEATER COMB No need to invest in a battery-powered sweater shaver. For less than $3—and a little elbow grease—a basic sweater comb is all you need to strip pills, fluff, and lint…

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Parsons, Tide Educate Next Generation on How to "Design for Care"

DESIGN FOR CARE Part of the Parsons Festival, the garments are among a number of projects that the school says embody its “human­-centered approach to technology and commitment…

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Millennials Have No Idea How to Care for Their Clothes, Says Study

Photo by Shutterstock Tumblr. Snapchat. Instagram. Emojis. Millennials are nothing if not quick studies. Still, there’s at least one thing Generation Y has been slow to embrace:…

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P&G, Whirlpool's "Swash" System Freshens Clothing in Minutes

MIRACLE MACHINE P&G and Whirlpool say that many of the people they’ve polled are reluctant to launder high-maintenance or embellished items, resorting to “unique”…

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