Don't Fall for Cheap, Trendy E-Tailers That Advertise on Facebook

Photo by Shutterstock My Dad is full of aphorisms. One of his favorites? If you pay peanuts, don’t be surprised if you get monkeys. Nowhere does this hold more true than with the…

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Facebook App Shames You Into Tagging, Donating Unwanted Clothes

Do you struggle with deciding what to donate when cleaning out your closet? Need a little extra push to let go of that old dress or sweater that you only wore once? Don’t worry,…

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Meet TshirtOS, a Programmable Tee That Displays Anything You Want

Your T-shirt has always doubled as your personal billboard, but why settle for a single, static statement every time you pull one on? Leave it to the wizards at CuteCircuit to pioneer…

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C&A's Digital Clothes Hangers Update With Facebook "Likes" in Real Time

Can’t decide which shirt to get? Let Facebook be the judge. Earlier this month, C&A introduced a high-tech hanger that tallies the number of Facebook “likes” an…

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10 Ways to Green Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg's Wardrobe

BLAZER OF GLORY Somewhere between Zuckerberg’s college-slacker uniform and Gordon Gecko’s slickly conservative power suit lies a happy medium that telegraphs “creative…

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