Fair Trade U.S.A.

Patagonia Debuts Short Film About Fair-Trade Fashion, Expands Program to Improve Workers' Lives

More than 40 million people work in the global garment industry, yet their stories rarely make the headlines. We’ll tut-tut about the factory fires, the building collapses, the…

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Matano is World's First Fair-Trade-Certified Sportswear Label

PLAY FAIR Kriwiel now had a mission: to “change the world through sports,” he said, and not just for professional athletes but for everyday people who like to be active.…

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Fair Trade U.S.A. Wants to Keep the Fashion Industry Honest

As a vehicle for economic parity, “fair trade” is a designation that most people associate with coffee, chocolate, or bananas. Three years after a factory collapse in…

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Wildlife Works Becomes Africa's First Carbon-Neutral, Fair-Trade Factory

FASHION FOR CONSERVATION But Wildlife Works is more than a purveyor of clothing. Its REDD+ initiative uses the sale of carbon-offset credits to safeguard more than 500,000 acres of…

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PACT Unveils Fair-Trade-Certified, Organic-Cotton Clothing Line

PACT is taking fair trade to places it’s never been before: your everyday wardrobe. The Boulder, Colo.-based apparel-basics purveyor announced that it’s releasing one of the…

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Patagonia to Offer Fair-Trade-Certified Apparel Starting Fall 2014

Outdoor apparel giant Patagonia is going to boost their arm in sustainable fashion, offering Fair Trade Certified apparel in their Fall 2014 collection. Customers can choose from nine…

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