farmer suicides

Farmer Suicides in India Continue to Soar, So Thanks, Monsanto

Photo by 360b/Shutterstock In India, suicides are a well-known, if unwelcome, phenomenon. The worst of it happens in the rural parts of the country, where a 2011 census revealed that…

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"Dirty White Gold's" Leah Borromeo Talks GM Cotton, Farmer Suicides

As Emmy Rossum and Zooey Deschanel like to remind us, cotton is the fabric of our lives. Yet its snow-white facade masks a less-than-rosy reality. Leah Borromeo, a journalist and…

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Fund "Dirty White Gold," a Film That Exposes Cotton Farming's Dark Side

Photo by Shutterstock Journalist Leah Borromeo’s documentary-in-the-making, “The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold,” follows the life of cotton from seed to store, tracing who it…

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