Fashion Takes Action

Fashion Takes Action Teach Kids to Be Responsible Consumers

Photo by Shutterstock Toronto’s Fashion Takes Action has made a name for itself promoting social and environmental sustainability in the fashion world. The non-profit is gearing up…

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Fast Fashion is Here to Stay (So How Do We Work With It?)

ANTHONY LILORE (DESIGNER, RESTORE CLOTHING; BOARD MEMBER, SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER) Don’t be a hater. We, as a community, cannot knock people and/or companies for not doing…

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High-Tech Couture, Japan NitPicks Organic Cotton, Laundry Goes Mobile

Katy Perry’s luminescent getup at the Met Gala has at least one paper of record asking if wearable technology is the future of fashion. (Telegraph) Nicole Bridger snags the title…

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Vivienne Westwood Hates Deforestation, Gareth Pugh's OLED Dress, China Eyes Green Cotton

Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images Europe Dame Vivienne Westwood and Anvil Knitwear have teamed up to launch a limited-edition T-shirt at COP15 to protest deforestation. (PR…

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