Fashioning Change

LAST CHANCE: Win an Eco-Fashion Starter Kit From Fashioning Change (Worth $150!)

If you’ve resolved to create a more sustainable wardrobe in 2013, today just might be your lucky day. We’ve hooked up with Fashioning Change to bestow one Ecouterre reader…

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Fashioning Change Launches "KCA" Line of U.S.-Made "Ethical Knockoffs"

ETHICAL KNOCKOFFS Since Fashioning Change launched a year ago, the company has conducted more than 60,000 “green shopping interventions” by helping consumers recreate high-street…

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Fashioning Change: 60,000 Eco-Fashion Interventions and Going Strong

Fashioning Change has come a long way. Since it launched last fall, the online marketplace has conducted nearly 60,000 “green shopping interventions” by helping consumers…

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Fashioning Change: An Online Tool That Helps You "Wear This, Not That"

Fashioning Change isn’t your typical online marketplace. Hailing from San Diego, the self-professed “green shopping intervention” helps consumers recreate name-brand…

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