Fast Retailing

"Fast Fashion" Made These Men Some of the Planet's Richest

Want to get rich? Build a clothing empire based on aggressive expansion, breakneck turnarounds, cheap materials, and even cheaper labor. “Fast fashion,” as Quartz reported…

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Greenpeace Reveals the Most—And Least—Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

Even seasoned models have been known to take a spill or two on the runway. We’re only human, after all. For the fashion brands behind them, however, the onus not to stumble weighs…

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World's Leading Brands Score Poorly on Use of Sustainable Cotton

Photo by Wikimedia Commons Organic cotton. Better cotton. Fair-trade cotton. Recycled cotton. Cotton made in Africa. You’d think with all the labels and initiatives brands like to…

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Fast Retailing, Uniqlo's Parent Company, Signs Bangladesh Safety Accord

Asian’s largest retailer agreed to hold itself accountable for safety and labor conditions in the factories it employs in Bangladesh. Three months after a devastating building…

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15 Major Retailers That Haven't Signed the Bangladesh Safety Agreement

Photo by Northfoto/Shutterstock GAP While competitors such as H&M, Mango, and Zara have committed themselves to financing vital safety upgrades in Bangladesh, Gap has held back,…

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Uniqlo Pledges to Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals From Clothing by 2020

Guess we’re not the only ones turning over a new leaf for 2013. Uniqlo is making a New Year’s resolution of its own. In response to Greenpeace’s “Detox”…

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