Fashion Revolution Ranks 40 Apparel Brands by Supply-Chain Transparency

When the eight-story Rana Plaza building fell apart at its seams on the morning of April 24, 2013, it took but a moment for the disaster to seal its place as one of worst in…

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Crazy Activist Allegedly Hires Hit Man to Kill Random Fur-Wearers

A strategically tossed can of red paint wasn’t enough for one Ohioan animal activist. Meredith Marie Lowell, a 27-year-old woman from Cleveland Heights, was arrested on Tuesday…

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Carmina Campus Shows Fendi's Green Side With African-Made Eco-Fashion

Just because something’s recycled doesn’t mean it has to look cheap or ugly, says the founder of Carmina Campus, a new line of totes, computer sleeves, and iPad covers made…

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Fendi Sheds Fur for Fashion Show on Seoul's Floating Island

Ruffled feathers and raised haunches aside, Fendi launched its Fall/Winter 2011 collection in Seoul on Thursday night without a hitch. After weeks of drama that nearly led to the…

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Fendi Faces Off With South Korea Over Display of Fur in Fashion Show

A vendetta is brewing between Seoul City and Italian luxury brand Fendi over the use of fur at an upcoming fashion show in the South Korean capital. After two days of debate that ended…

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Fendi at Milan Design Week, Levi's Flax Slacks, Oeko-Tex Hits 100,000

For Milan Design Week, Fendi commissioned artists and designers from around the world to make sculptures from the luxury label’s production waste. (Designboom) Levi-Strauss has…

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