Fish Scales Inspire Flexible, Bulletproof Armor for Soldiers, Astronauts

Photo by Shutterstock Bulletproof materials are often rigid and bulky – think how stuffy bulletproof vests must be, but a new material inspired by the fluidity and toughness of…

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"From Creatures" Explores Use of Fish Bones, Crustacean Shells in Jewelry

Fish bones, bivalve shells, crab and lobster carapaces, and other skeletal remains are typically grist for the compost or landfill, but why should they be? Moe Nagata, a graduate of…

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One-Third of English Channel Fish Show Rayon, Polyester Contamination

Photo by Shutterstock Roughly a third of fish caught off the southwest coast of England show traces of “microplastic” contamination from synthetic clothing fibers, polyester…

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Fish Pedicures Could Cause Serious Bacterial Infections, Warns CDC

Photo by Shutterstock It’s official: Fish pedicures aren’t just a bizarre beauty ritual with shady animal-welfare considerations, they’re also downright dangerous to…

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10 Bizarre Natural Beauty Treatments That Freak Us Out Big Time

SNAKE VENOM Simulated viper’s venom may be a bit of a fake out in the natural beauty stakes, but it’s by no means any less mind-boggling. “Syn-Ake” is the key…

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