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Pikkpack's Flat-Pack Shoes Require Only Three Pieces of Material

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own shoes, now is your chance with the super-easy Pikkpack shoe. Designed by Sarah Gulyas, the slip-on shoes can be woven together at home with just…

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Lasso: A Flat-Pack Wool-Felt Slipper You Assemble Yourself

Gaspard Tiné-Berès’s “Lasso” house slipper is a shoe you assemble yourself. Made of a single piece of die-cut wool felt, the shoe is shipped flat with a single…

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OOO My Design Makes Flat-Pack Plywood Earrings You Assemble Yourself

You don’t need an Allen wrench to bring these plywood earrings to life. Made by OOO My Design in Spain, the space-saving ear hooks ship flat like a postcard, ready to be assembled…

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Jennifer Rieker’s Flat-Pack “Creo” Shoe Supports Your Local Shoemaker

Here’s the perfect opportunity to give your local shoemaker some love. Jennifer Rieker, a German designer, has developed a modular system that relies on the craftsmanship of a…

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Unu Footwear: Flat-Pack, DIY Slippers Made From Recycled Leather

Unu Footwear’s house slipper requires no glue, seams, buttons, or zippers—just a single sheet of die-cut recycled leather. The perfect kick-around shoe, it’s shipped…

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Flat-Pack Eco-Fashion Accessories by Deux Filles En Fil Makes DIY Easy

If there’s one thing that IKEA has brought to humanity, it’s how to assemble flat-pack furniture with little more than an Allen wrench and a dream. Deux Filles En…

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