flat-pack shoes

Pikkpack's Flat-Pack Shoes Require Only Three Pieces of Material

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own shoes, now is your chance with the super-easy Pikkpack shoe. Designed by Sarah Gulyas, the slip-on shoes can be woven together at home with just…

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Lasso: A Flat-Pack Wool-Felt Slipper You Assemble Yourself

Gaspard Tiné-Berès’s “Lasso” house slipper is a shoe you assemble yourself. Made of a single piece of die-cut wool felt, the shoe is shipped flat with a single…

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Made for Life on the Moon, United Nude's Flat-Pack Heels Are Cosmic Couture at Its Craziest

Moon walker you say? This crazy platform heel may not be suitable for lunar expeditions, but it’s definitely out of this world. Designed by United Nude for the “Moon Life”…

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Jennifer Rieker’s Flat-Pack “Creo” Shoe Supports Your Local Shoemaker

Here’s the perfect opportunity to give your local shoemaker some love. Jennifer Rieker, a German designer, has developed a modular system that relies on the craftsmanship of a…

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Unu Footwear: Flat-Pack, DIY Slippers Made From Recycled Leather

Unu Footwear’s house slipper requires no glue, seams, buttons, or zippers—just a single sheet of die-cut recycled leather. The perfect kick-around shoe, it’s shipped…

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