Top 7 Popular Eco-Fashion Stories of 2015 (Vote for Your Fave)

Take a ride on the Wayback Machine with the most popular stories of 2014

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A London Community Grows Flax to Turn Into Clothing

In the spring of 2014, a dedicate lot of Londoners embarked on a mission to grow a garment. That meant starting from seeds, and using only hand labor techniques to turn a plant into…

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Scottish Designer Launches World's First Hemp Sunglasses

HURRAY FOR HEMP But the plant’s value cannot be overstated. “Hemp can be grown and harvested every year, whereas a tree will generally take 15 to 20 years to grow until they…

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The Hill-Side's Organic Cotton, Flax Tie is Versatile Enough for Him and Her

Tied up or worn down, The Hill-Side’s sleek and chic neckties are for one cool customer. Crowding the storefronts of righteous retailers such as J. Crew, Brooklyn designer Emil…

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