flexible electronics

Stretchy Sensors Could Create Clothes That Detect Toxic Gases, UV Radiation

Early detection plays a critical role in saving lives, whether that is in industrial settings where workers could be exposed to toxic gases or even normal people out in the sun exposed…

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New "Smart" Fabrics Can Be Washed, Stretched...Even Shot With Bullets

As wearables become more integrated into our lives they will also get woven into our fabrics. But for electronic textiles to be realistic, they need to be really durable and most…

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Exotic Solar's "PowerCloth" Turns Clothing Into Energy Generators

Ready to give the sun a reason to sweat for a change? Strap on Exotic Solar’s “PowerCloth 1G,” an innovative new textile that turns everyday clothing into wearable…

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Graphene-Based Conductive Material Could Revolutionize Wearable Tech

Photo by Shutterstock Hold on to your shorts, boys and girls, because the electronics industry is headed for a revolution. The University of Exeter has developed a material that…

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Nokia's Stretchy Electronic "Skin" Paves Way For High-Tech Wearables

You may already consider your smartphone or e-reader an extension of your person, but a literal second skin? Don’t perish the thought just yet. Researchers at Nokia and the…

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