Fashion Designers Transform Ford’s Recycled Upholstery Fabrics into Couture

PEDAL POWER “With visible construction and hidden details, we wanted to create something that forces the wearer to dig a little deeper and to get to know the garment,” Ward…

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Nike, Coca-Cola, P&G Team Up to Boost 100% Plant-Based PET Plastic

Nike has plants on its mind. The sportswear juggernaut has joined forces with Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Ford, and Heinz to “accelerate the development and use” of 100…

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10 Ridiculous "Pinkwashed" Products That May Actually Cause Breast Cancer

THINK BEFORE YOU PINK Before you open your heart—and more important, pocketbook—to pink-ribbon tie-ins, Breast Cancer Action’s Think Before You Pink campaign urges you to pose…

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2012 Ford Focus to Use Post-Consumer Recycled Jeans for Soundproofing

We’ve seen plenty of clever denim reincarnations in our day, but Ford’s plan to line its car interiors with recycled jeans might have every one of them beat. The American…

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