Francis Bitonti

3D-Printed "Adrenaline" Dress Reacts When You're Stressed

Anyone who has surprised a cat knows that raised hackles—a way of artificially inflating one’s size in the face of danger—are a classic “fight or flight” behavior.…

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Francis Bitonti's "Bristle" Dress is Couture You Can 3D-Print at Home

Francis Bitonti didn’t just envision a future where everyone can print their own clothes, he created it. Together with students from his “New Skins: Computational Design for…

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MakerBot Unveils 3D-Printed "Flexible Filament" Dress at NY Fashion Week

Here’s a name you didn’t expect to find on the New York Fashion Week docket: MakerBot. Better known for producing consumer-grade three-dimensional printers that squirt…

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Which 3D-Printed Dress Would You Rather Wear?

Both Iris van Herpen and the tag team of Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt claimed to have created the world’s first three-dimensionally printed dress. Let’s settle this…

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Dita Von Teese Models World's First Fully Articulated 3D-Printed Gown

Photos by Albert Sanchez Dita Von Teese did more than show off her curves at Manhattan’s Ace Hotel Monday night. The burlesque star and fashion icon also modeled what designers…

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