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Cambodian Garment Workers Are Working Themselves to Death

Photo by Luc Forsyth for IndustriAll Global Union Cambodia’s garment workers are working themselves to death—literally, according to IndustriAll Global Union, a labor-rights…

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Bangladesh Police Fire Tear Gas at Garment Workers on Hunger Strike

Photos by AFP Bangladesh police fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and water canons on Thursday to disperse hundreds of striking workers at a garment factory in the capital of Dhaka,…

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Ralph Lauren Donates $500,000 to Bolster New York's Garment Industry

New Yorker Ralph Lauren is giving back to his city, to the tune of $500,000. In support of the Big Apple’s garment industry, the designer has made the donation to the Fashion…

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"The True Cost": A Documentary About the Clothing Industry's Impact

“Growing up I was told this very simple story about where our clothes come from,” Andrew Morgan, director of a new documentary, The True Cost, tells viewers in the opening…

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Bangladesh Building Collapse: Shoddy Materials, Bad Choices to Blame

Photo by Andrew Biraj for Reuters The disaster of Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza Building collapse, which killed 1,127 people, is a result of a serious of bad, horrible, choices. A…

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