genetic modification

Transgenic Silkworms Spin Fluorescent Fibers for Glow-in-the-Dark Wedding Dress

One Japanese lab is hard at work producing glow in the dark silk. But the soft skeins aren’t treated after the silk worms have spun their lot, but instead are being produced directly…

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"Dirty White Gold's" Leah Borromeo Talks GM Cotton, Farmer Suicides

As Emmy Rossum and Zooey Deschanel like to remind us, cotton is the fabric of our lives. Yet its snow-white facade masks a less-than-rosy reality. Leah Borromeo, a journalist and…

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Fund "Dirty White Gold," a Film That Exposes Cotton Farming's Dark Side

Photo by Shutterstock Journalist Leah Borromeo’s documentary-in-the-making, “The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold,” follows the life of cotton from seed to store, tracing who it…

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