Upcycle Old Electrical Wire into Grain's Hand-Knotted Ring (DIY Tutorial)

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES Small needle-nose pliers Wire cutter Ring mandrel (shown) or dowel, carrot, thumb, etc. Reclaimed electrical wire STEP ONE Find some wire in a color you like. The…

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Grain's Colorful "Chi-Chi" Textile Necklaces Support Guatemalan Artisans

Spring has a way of teasing the winter-weary with its elusive behavior, literally raining on our parade just as we start considering crisp white tees and exposed ankles. While…

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Grain's Sololá Purse Turns Upcycled Guatemalan Textiles inside Out

Weavers take pains to hide the behind-the-scenes snarl of loops, knots, and loose ends that make the magic happen. So it may come as a surprise that the Sololá purse by Grain chooses…

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